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Scam loans: Instead of money execution


Take advantage of free loans, no surety or no proof of income. Instead of a loan, you may be subject to distraint.

Some non-banking companies offering loans do not hesitate to go in search of profit, far away. Thus, their behavior is often at least smelled of fraud. We have written about one such case recently – companies offering fraudulent bill-to-bill loans have tricked several thousand people who are now under execution. Another similar case was recently revealed by Czech Television

They will not give you the loan and instead execute execution

They will not give you the loan and instead execute execution

Czech Television has revealed a case where a firm promising non-bank loans uses strange practices. The non-banking company Astro Finance demanded a fee of $3,000 for processing a loan (which it never provided).

Mrs. Miroslava Fiurášková from Vítkov turned to this company when she needed to borrow money. She liked the offer of the loan without collateral and no fees in advance, the company promised to provide the money immediately, so through the Internet filled in the application and waited for the loan. When nothing happened for a long time, she borrowed money elsewhere and released Astro Finance from her head.

But she came in about a year and demanded payment of a fee of 3000 USD plus an additional 5000 USD as a fine and penalty. When they refused to pay them money, the company immediately threatened to execute. It looks like this business has come up with a convenient way to draw people’s money. They make a nice website, offer tempting loans – no fees, no proof of income, or no registers, and then just wait to see who jumps on it.

According to the lawyer addressed, the company does not have a great chance. In order for an execution order to be ordered, the company would first have to go to court, which would have to issue the relevant enforcement order. Mrs. Miroslava Fiurášková could then turn to the same court and file a statement of opposition. Since Astro Finance did not provide any services, it has no right to demand payment of any fees.

Beware of fraudulent loans

Beware of fraudulent loans

Given that similar cases where companies promise loans but then do not provide anything, and only recover money is increasing, it is good to be careful. What to watch out for? If you do not want or cannot borrow money from a bank or some major financial company, then you need to be careful. Loans in the Czech Republic provide several hundreds of different entities, and if you use the services of a small business, you have to check it. What are her references, what her customers experience with her? Also, you should always read all the conditions well. Even if you fill in the application form on the Internet, it is not enough to simply “tick” that you agree to the terms and conditions, you must read them, otherwise you may regret it later.

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