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Does it make sense to consolidate loans? Who pays the most?

Taking a loan is very easy today and especially for non-bank loans it is a matter of minutes. Moreover, these loans are often granted to people who already have high debts and their loans are making their situation even worse.

The solution for those who have difficulty repaying their existing obligations, however, is not constantly negotiating new and new loans and so-called wedge-breaking, but consolidating, or unifying more loans into one large one.

How does loan consolidation work?


Loan consolidation is one of the loan products that can be obtained from both banking and non-banking companies. It is a loan that allows you to unite several different loans into one large and thus generally save money.

In addition, not only conventional consumer loans but also other types of loans – such as bank overdrafts or credit cards – can be included in loan consolidation.

For whom is merging loans appropriate?


Loan consolidation is an ideal solution for those who no longer manage to repay all of their loans and do not want their situation to end in personal bankruptcy or, in the worst case, execution.

It is for those who have a regular fixed income and are able to repay at least a certain amount each month and at the same time meet other conditions (they are a bit different for each provider).

However, consolidation is also suitable for all those who are repaying without much difficulty, but would like to reduce the total amount of their monthly installments and simplify their finances a bit.

How to choose the best consolidation


There are quite a lot of companies offering loans, both among banks and among non-bank providers. But choosing an ideal consolidation does not take hours – just use one of the independent Internet loan comparators.

While these focus primarily on current loans, some have a separate section devoted to the merger of loans. You will then see a clear statement of the individual lending companies provided by the consolidation, including their maximum amount, interest rates and repayment period. There are also detailed reviews detailing the product.

Tips for profitable loan consolidation


Advantageous mergers of loans are not only provided by banks, but also interesting offers can be found in the non-banking sector. One of them is the consolidation of Good Credit loans , which enables to unify not only regular loans, but also credit cards, overdrafts and leasing loans.

The maximum amount of consolidation from Good Credit is USD 600,000, the loan repayment can be spread over up to 96 months (8 years). You can easily find out the exact amount of your monthly payment, interest rate and APR through a simple credit calculator on the Good Credit website.

For those who have the possibility to secure real estate loans, an interesting alternative is also refinancing loans from the building savings bank Sean Cole (with interest from 1.49% per year). 50%.

Negotiating consolidation is easy and fast


Loan consolidation takes a little longer than arranging an ordinary loan, but it is not a challenge. You can apply for loan unification from the comfort of your home via the website or by phone.

Usually, you only need two personal documents, information about employment and individual loans that you want to combine – the consolidation provider can then do other things, such as termination of existing loans, for you.

However, if you wish, you can of course also request a merger at the branch of the relevant bank or non-banking company.

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